Fill colours on Luxe Business Cards

Luxe Business Cards are available with 8 different fill colours. Most of them have approximate CMYK values, but the pink and orange are nearly impossible to match with 4 colour digital printing.

  • Raven Black (C0, M0, Y0, K100)
  • Polar White (C0, M0, Y0, K0)
  • Chili Red (approx. C25, M100, Y90, K30),
  • Ocean Blue (approx. C100, M15, Y5, K5),
  • Sunny Yellow (approx. C0, M8, Y66, K0)
  • Forest Green (approx. C71, M0, Y72, K0)
  • Tiger Orange (very approx. C0, M55, Y84, K0)*
  • Neon Pink (very, very approx. C0, M100, Y0, K0)*
*These are not exact matches, but the nearest possible CMYK value. Please note, the pink and orange are nearly florescent and not possible to be matched using 4 colour printing technologies.

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