What's the Business Card and MiniCard packaging like?

Our Original and Green Business Card 50 packs come in a sturdy recyclable, refillable box, that doubles-up as a stylish case.

50 packs of MOO Original Business Cards come in a slick black box. Underneath the outer coating, the box is made from 100% recycled pulp. You'll also receive one of these cases when you purchase 200 Business Cards.

50 packs of MOO Cotton Business Cards are hand packed in a brown 100% recycled box (including the paper covering). You'll receive one of these cases when you purchase 200 Cotton Business Cards, too.

Business Card boxes come with two MOO dividers, so you can keep the cards other people give you in the same box as your own cards, and they won't get mixed up. The dividers are printed on recycled paper.

Our prestigious Luxe Business Cards come in a bespoke white box, magnet clasped and wrapped in purple ribbon. It makes a centrepiece on any desk or table, and is as amazing as the cards housed inside.

You can read even more about our packaging here.

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