VAT issues

VAT is a destination-based charge that MOO is legally required to apply to certain orders at checkout.

Please see below for details regarding some of the common issues experienced with VAT charges at checkout and our recommended troubleshooting steps.

Invalid VAT number

We automatically check VAT numbers with the Taxation and Customs Union when payment is made. Please double-check your VAT number to make sure it's entered correctly.

If your number's showing as invalid you can check its validity for this type of transaction directly on the Taxation and Customs Union site.

If it is valid there, we may be having problems with our checking system so please either wait and try again later or place the order, paying the VAT, and let us know so that we can then look into amending this for you. 
If your number is showing as invalid on the Taxation and Customs Union site you will need to contact your tax administration to find out why. If we can confirm the VAT number is valid, we can look into adjusting it for you.

Incorrect VAT amount charged

If you are charged the incorrect VAT amount after placing your order, you can check if your VAT number is valid for this type of transaction directly on the Taxation and Customs Union site.

If it is valid there, we may be having problems with our checking system so please let us know and we can look into it for you. 

Unable to add VAT number

To add a VAT number to your order, you will need to ensure you are browsing on either one of our European sites or our UK site. You will also need to ensure that your order is being shipped to a non UK address.

You can find the box to enter your VAT number on the Address Options page, underneath the billing address.

If you are ordering from the UK and delivering to a UK address, you will legally have to pay VAT on your order and therefore you will not be able to enter a VAT number at checkout or remove this charge. If you are a tax exempt business, you should be able to claim the tax back at the end of the financial year through an accountant.

Forgotten to enter VAT number

If there isn't a VAT number entered at checkout, VAT will be charged as normal. If you forget to add your VAT number when placing an order please contact us with the VAT number and we should be able to help if we can verify the number is valid. 

VAT exempt EU territories

If you are shipping your order to an EU territory where VAT rules do not apply, but are still seeing VAT charged at checkout, please place your order and contact our customer service team to have the VAT on your order amended. You can check the list of EU territories where VAT rules do not apply here.

No VAT listed on order receipt

If you have entered a valid VAT number, your order will be VAT exempt and you will not be charged VAT. Additionally if your shipping destination is outside of the EU, you will not be charged VAT by us when ordering. In both instances, no VAT will therefore appear on your order summary or receipt. 

If you need any further assistance regarding VAT charges please contact our Customer Service team.

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