NFC cards are not working

We’ve set up a rigorous testing process to ensure that you’ll receive 20 working cards in your order. If you’ve received less than 20 working cards, let’s take a look at troubleshooting the issue. 

Do you have any working cards in the pack? 

If so, double-check the actions to make sure the rest of the cards are programmed on our site. You can check the actions by logging into the account that was used to order the cards, and then by clicking here.

Once on the Manage Paper+ page, click “Review and Edit” to access the actions menu. Click on each design to ensure it has a programmed action. 

If there is no designated action, please program an action by selecting the design, then choosing an action from the provided list on the left hand panel.

Are none of the cards working in the pack?  

If none of the cards are working in the pack, please double-check your device. Wikipedia maintains a comprehensive list of compatible models. Otherwise, please check with your individual manufacturer's website.

Note: if working on a NFC-compatible iPhone, you must download an NFC reader application to read the NFC chip. 

If you are still having trouble, please get in touch.



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