Uploading Photos: The Basics

Photos are the most commonly used content for MOO’s product range, so we’ve tried to make the process as straightforward as possible. Check our 5 simple rules before you upload your images to MOO and use our online tools.

5 Simple Rules for Using Your Photos:

  1. Photos should be high-quality JPEGs, preferably previewed and/or saved in a CMYK color space - if you aren't able to do this, RGB will be OK
  2. Photos should be at least 96 dpi, but we highly recommend 300 dpi for best results. Our recommended file sizes are listed here.
  3. If you haven't color corrected your photos, we recommend our photo enhancement option for the best printed results.
  4. Your images will be printed full bleed and the edges trimmed, so be sure no important parts of the image are near the edge, and that the image extends to the edge of the bleed. (What does this mean?)
  5. For designs featuring both photography and text, where possible please upload as a PDF with the text outlined. (Find out more about PDFs.)


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