Can I upload artwork to the back of MOO Designs?

Well, yes - and also no. Let us explain…

We have a range of MOO Designs available with features to add your logo/images but some have more restricted functionality.

You can find these packs by first selecting which product you'd like to make using MOO Designs. Once on the design browse page you can click the “Use my logo” or “Use my photo” button on the left hand side - shown below:

Once you begin creating one of these packs, you’ll see image slots where you can upload your own logo or image. (We accept GIF, PNG, JPEG and PDF). You may also see a “layout” option during the creation process for further customisation where available. However, as MOO Designs are professionally created, we don’t allow full customisation within the pack.

If you want to fully customise your product, why not try using the Design your own option instead? 

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