Product samples and printed proofs

We offer two pre-printed sample packs available to order for free from your MOO account: 

  • A Business Card sample pack, containing a full range of Business Card sizes, paper stocks, and finishes.
  • A Large Sample Pack which contains a range of our printed products in a variety of different sizes, paper stocks and finishes.

Simply click on the green "Order Now" button to add a Sample Pack to your cart. Sample packs can be ordered once per customer per year.

Custom proofs

Please note, our samples are pre-printed with MOO designs and are for demonstration purposes only, they cannot be customized. At this time we are unable to offer custom printed proofs, however, you can generate a downloadable PDF preview of your design(s) or send it via email when designing your products. 

NFC and Letterpress samples

At the moment we are unable to offer pre-printed samples of our NFC Business Cards and Letterpress Business Cards. If you require pre-printed samples of these products, please reach out to our Customer Service team. 

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