I have a design already, but it doesn't seem to fit! What's going on?

It's not widely recognized but business card sizes can vary slightly in size from country to country - and even business to business. For this reason, your cards may not fit our templates perfectly.

Please note that we offer two sizes of Business Cards from our US and Canadian sites (Standard US Size and MOO Size) so you will need to make sure you have selected the correct one before you start making.

When you upload your old artwork and start to position it, you’ll see an indication of the 'bleed' and 'safe area'. Please make sure that any text/important information is well within the safe area and your background color/pattern/image extends to fill the entire bleed area.

We've put together a dedicated FAQ, which explains the 'bleed', 'trim' and ‘safe area’ more clearly. It also shows common mistakes and how to avoid them.

If you find you need to alter the design of your card, our artwork guidelines and templates should help.

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