What is Photo Enhancement?

One of the most important things we do at MOO is print your photos to the highest possible standard.

As you can imagine, we receive images from a wide variety of sources, from digital cameras made for 'home use' to high-end cameras used in professional photo studios. We receive images checked on calibrated screens in specially controlled darkened rooms - and photos that have been prepared on a dusty old PC sitting next to a window as the sun streams in.

We like to be inclusive here - and think that everyone's photos deserve the best we can give them.

Photo Enhancement is an optional process, but its auto-applied if we detect a JPEG photo has been uploaded. It adjusts a range of parameters, making each photo look as good as it possibly can before it reaches the printing press. 

To add or remove enhancement from your photo, simply click on the image when in the design process and tick/un-tick the photo enhancement option.

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